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Brussels ⏐ Kingdom of Belgium

Known as the Kingdom of Belgium, this country boasts rather large accomplishments for its small size. Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is home to political organizations such as the European Union and NATO, as well as the world’s largest brewery AB InBev. Surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and the North Sea of the Atlantic Ocean, Belgium is the perfect hub for those looking to explore Europe. A melting pot of European culture, Belgium is mostly Dutch and French with a small German population. As a result, Belgium is home to some of the most unique luxury homes in the world, ranging from historic classics luxury estates to modern contemporaries, as well as chic luxury real estate combinations of the two. Being the headquarters of the EU and NATO, Brussels attracts many businessmen and politicians. These people may come to Brussels for business, but one look at the Belgian countryside will entice them to stay for pleasure. With large sand dunes and polders up the coast, to vast mountain vistas on the Ardennes countryside, and the bustling economy of cities like Brussels and Antwerp, the position of Belgium in the European geography provides a rich diversity of both culture and landscape.

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